Restructuring Compensation Services

At Longnecker & Associates, we pride ourselves on being the foremost compensation experts in restructurings, workouts, bankruptcies, insolvencies and other matters involving financially distressed transactions. With more than 100 years of leadership experience, L&A has successfully represented a range of clients spanning debtors, financial institutions, creditor committees, trustees, insolvency practitioners, and private equity and bondholders.

During times of financial turmoil, it is critical for the company’s best employees to be focused, motivated and rewarded through competitive defensible compensation programs compliant with bankruptcy code 503. In addition, we develop post-emergence plans and full compensation programs aimed at retaining and motivating the team to rebuild and generate significant shareholder value.

With extensive experience as consultants, corporate executives and board members of public, private and not-for-profit organizations, L&A’s leadership is positioned to develop unique solutions and actively support our position in any venue. We stand beside our clients and defend our recommendations. Our experience as expert witnesses in hundreds of litigation matters and bankruptcy trials distinguishes us from other consulting firms, and we excel at collaboratively working with legal and finance teams to strategize on all reorganization matters and position you for success.

Restructuring Services

  • Competitive Compensation Assessment
  • Key Employee Incentive Plan Design
  • Key Employee Retention Plan Design
  • Post-Emergence Equity Structures
  • Full Post-Emergence Compensation Plan Design
  • Milestone/Hurdle Incentive Plans
  • Board of Director Compensation
  • Reasonableness Opinions
  • Handcuff Analysis
  • Working with the CRO
  • Testimony Regarding Findings
  • Litigation Expert Witness Services and Testimony
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

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