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The challenges involved in setting and managing executive pay have never been more formidable. Today, executive pay routinely faces massive scrutiny. As a result, companies are faced with the daunting prospect of having to satisfy shareholders, regulators, and executives with their decisions on compensation.

Let Longnecker & Associates use our expertise to design an executive compensation plan tailored to your organization’s exact needs. Contact us today for more information on our Executive Compensation Consulting services. From CEO compensation planning and design to competitive CFO benefits packages to incentivize performance, we are here to help.

Executive & CEO Compensation Consulting: Plan, Analyze, Implement.

What is the Role of an Executive Compensation Consultant?

An executive comp consultant advises the board on governance and compensation best practices, especially regarding the financial compensation awarded to an organization’s top executives and CEOs. Executive Compensation packages are designed with the intent of incentivizing the executive team as well as enabling an organization’s ability to attract, motivate and retain key executive talent.

Executive Compensation Consulting Services we Provide:

  • Structuring Executive Compensation Plans
  • Executive Compensation Planning
  • Executive Pay & Compensation Design Programs
  • Performance-Based Executive Pay
  • Compensation Clawbacks & Provisional Clauses

Designing Creative Compensation Plans that Incentivize Executive Performance

Together we can help you and your organization reach its full potential. It all starts with a plan based on market research, data, and a spoonful of creativity. Together with our team of consultants, we can help you design a unique compensation plan to attract, retain, and drive high performing executives.

Planning, Design, and Review Consultants for:

  • CEO Compensation & Stock Options
  • COO Pay, Benefits Packages
  • Compensating Board of Directors
  • CFO Retirement, Benefits & Pay
  • CIO Compensation Planning & Design
  • CMO Pay, Benefits, & Design
  • Prove Pay for Performance
  • Executive Compensation Proxy Disclosure
  • Summary Compensation Table Disclosure
  • CD&A Disclosures

Why are Third-Party Executive Compensation Auditors Needed?

The power struggle is real. Nearly every employee, shareholder, and board member has his or her own differing opinion on how to best use formulas and discretion in determining executive compensation. Also, the amount of attention focused on compensation has increased dramatically in recent years from regulators at the Securities and Exchange Commission, proxy advisors like Institutional Shareholder Services, shareholder activists, and activist law firms. These groups continue to push for higher transparency, more connection to pay and performance, and more formulas in company incentive programs.

At the same time, shareholders have elected compensation committees and boards to determine fair and reasonable compensation in light of many factors, including market competitive costs, complexity and size of the organization, tenure of the executive, and performance. All these competing points of view have resulted in a power struggle between company boards and institutional advisors over the best way to balance the fairness and reasonableness of executive compensation.

How Longnecker & Associates Can Help You

Our governance and compensation consulting firm is uniquely positioned to help your organization navigate the ever-evolving landscape of executive compensation. Skip to our case studies on executive compensation plan design and analysis to see how. With over 20 years of experience, our team will help provide honest, fresh, and effective solutions for all compensation issues.

When you work with us, we will:

  • Industry Executive Pay Comparison. Assess the market and develop customized peer company groups for compensation comparability.
  • Market Assessment & Scale. Conduct independent, third-party assessment of the reasonableness and market competitiveness of compensation components and levels for executives in public, private and not-for-profit organizations.
  • Employment Agreement Review. Provide an assessment of terms and provisions of executive employment agreements.
  • Business Continuity Plan Analysis. Conduct analysis of change-in-control terms and design of competitive structures.
  • Annual & Tenure Compensation Analysis. Determine the appropriateness of compensation provided over an executive’s tenure in relation to the market and performance.
  • Executive Retirement Plan Design & Review. Design executive retirement compensation plans and succession plans to ensure an optimally smooth transition.
  • Executive Stock Option Review. Perform stock ownership requirement analysis and design.

Executive Compensation Case Studies