Our Services

Longnecker & Associates provides corporate and business management consulting services for organizations across a vast array of industries, including non-profit organizations, corporations, and businesses of all sizes. Planning and negotiating executive compensation and incentive plans has never been more important for companies and their governing boards. Executive compensation packages are kept under intense scrutiny, so it’s crucial to offer competitive and defensible compensation packages to attract, retain, and motivate skilled leaders.

Using successful proprietary evaluation models and research tools, Longnecker works to accurately predict trends and use those predictions to provide our customized consulting services. See our service areas below to explore more about our analysis and consulting services.

Advisory & Consulting Services

  • Compensation Consulting – We provide independent, third-party assessments of the reasonableness and market competitiveness of total rewards (base salary, annual incentives, long-term incentives, perks and retirement compensation) for executives. Learn more.
  • Incentive Plan Design – With specialized recommendations for the design and potential restructuring of annual and long-term incentive programs, we help you maximize shareholder wealth while providing the greatest benefit to employees. Learn more.
  • Strategic Governance Advisory – We empower our clients to be better fiduciaries, confident that they will make the best, most informed decisions on behalf of their shareholders and key stakeholders with experienced strategic guidance. We help develop and nourish corporate governance strategies for long-term success, design effective compensation disclosures, and develop custom CD&A templates to report your company’s data properly. Learn more.
  • Litigation Support – Whether defendant or plaintiff, we help manage compensation, employment and governance issues, and we seamlessly collaborate with attorneys and their clients. Learn more.
  • Restructuring Services – We are the foremost compensation experts in restructurings, workouts, bankruptcies, insolvencies, acquisitions and mergers, and other matters involving financially distressed transactions. Learn more.

Consulting Services to Grow Your Business

A successful organization thrives on great leadership and a management team that recognizes that their human capital, from executives to entry-level employees, board members and shareholders, are the heart of the business. By partnering with Longnecker & Associates, our team of expert consultants will help improve your organization’s performance with custom compensation plan design to attract, motivate and retain top talent.

Our consulting services can help your company get to the next level with employee incentives, business and corporate restructuring, and litigation support for corporate governance issues. Our vast experience working with businesses in a myriad of industries positions us to provide best practices and expert advice to meet your organization’s goals.

We are a Houston based company offering consulting services across the southwest region of the United States with consultants in Dallas, Texas and Denver, Colorado to better serve you.