Salary Survey Data - Total Compensation Surveys by Industry

Salary Survey Data for Competitive Compensation Strategies

Energy Pay Pulse Survey

Longnecker & Associates understands the importance of providing the most up-to-date compensation trends by industry and occupation, especially during times when published market data has become stagnant. This survey was developed to cure the gap by gathering highly sought after information on upcoming pay practices such as:

  • Base salary projections
  • Annual incentive strategy, methodology and payout projections
  • Long-term incentive strategy, eligibility, and award projections
  • Retention award payouts and projections


Midstream Industry Compensation Survey

Longnecker & Associates’ annual Midstream Industry Compensation Survey is eligible to organizations whose direct or indirect operations include the transportation, storage and wholesale marketing of oil, natural gas, and natural gas liquids. The midstream salary survey will be targeted for top executive and key positions in the midstream industry, and will be inclusive of:

  • Base Salary
  • Targeted and Actual Annual Incentives
  • Targeted and Actual Long-term Incentives
  • Benefits Prevalences
  • Compensation Philosophy and Structure Practices
  • Incentive Metrics and Practices


Upstream Industry Compensation Survey

The Upstream Industry Compensation Survey is designed to concisely and powerfully assess market trends and establish position benchmarks for companies in the upstream energy industry. The survey is eligible to organizations include those whose direct or indirect operations include the exploration, exploitation, and/or production of underground or underwater crude oil or natural gas in the United States. The upstream compensation survey will provide current compensation trends as they relate to:

  • Pay Policies and Practices
  • Incentive Metrics and Eligibility
  • LTI Vehicles and Distributions
  • Bonuses and Grants


Energy Incentive Compensation Survey

An incentive compensation program is one of the most effective ways of attracting, motivating and retaining key employees; however, it can also be one of the most elusive components of compensation to find consistent reliable and current data. Our survey team at L&A has designed an incentive compensation survey for the O&G industry to provide competitive market practices within both annual and long-term incentive compensation plan designs. Specifically, this survey reports on:

  • Annual Incentive Measures and Metrics
  • Long-term Incentive Eligibility, Vehicles and Distributions/Dividends
  • New-hire Bonuses and Grants
  • Retention Bonuses and Grants

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