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L&A Original Article: Incentive Plan Changes are Coming

By Kyle Lamport, Ian Keas and Chris Crawford Over the past eighteen months, discussions on incentive compensation structures have been taking on a different element at a rapid clip in boardrooms across the country – as a result of investor pressures in the energy industry, annual incentive and long-term incentive performance metrics are getting the… Read more »

L&A Original Article: Q&A with Highlights from Tudor Pickering Conference

By Chris Crawford, Josh Whittaker, Kyle Lamport, Hunter Byrne and Matt Brown L&A was recently invited to participate in Tudor Pickering’s 2018 Hotter N’ Hell Conference. Dan Pickering quizzed L&A’s Chris Crawford on recent executive compensation trends in the energy sector. Here are just a few highlights from that “fireside chat”. Q: It is a… Read more »

L&A Original Article: What are We Paying For?

By Chris Crawford, Hunter Byrne, and Matt Brown Non Performance Based Compensation Factors & Why they Matter Too Add together the volatile ingredients of egregious CEO pay articles, gender pay gaps, say-on-pay votes, CEO pay ratio legislation, media bias, market volatility, compensation lawsuits, collegiate athlete pay debate, the corporation of ISS, proxy board elections, etc…. Read more »

L&A ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Reactions to CEO Pay Ratios – the Destructiveness of Double Standards

By Elizabeth A. Mayo and Brent Longnecker The divisiveness of politics is reaching extremes in today’s climate. It’s incredible how the same story can be told by two different reporters and both will express the exact opposite information as fact. Walter Cronkite famously stated: “We all have our likes and our dislikes. But… when we’re… Read more »

L&A ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Paying for Performance in Not for Profits

By Chris Crawford, Tyler Brown, and Josh Whittaker DOWNLOAD THE WHITEPAPER With the recent passage of the 2017 Tax Act, more scrutiny continues to be applied to not for profit (NFP) organization compensation. This follows recent actions from various state and federal agencies upping the ante on not for profit compensation. As such, we believe… Read more »

L&A ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Executive Compensation Perks

By Jordan Lee, Charles Holtsclaw, Chris Crawford, and Brent Longnecker The start of the new year has brought with it a strong demand for continued and enhanced transparent executive compensation disclosure. Many companies have been accused of paying out excessively large perquisites and benefits to their executives, causing many companies to cut back on executive… Read more »

L&A ORIGINAL ARTICLE: 2018 Proxy Season Preparations

By Ian Keas, Brent Longnecker and Chris Crawford December – a time for reflection on the year that was, review of company performance…and a first look at the latest policy updates from proxy advisory firms like Institutional Shareholder Services Inc. (“ISS”) and Glass, Lewis & Co., LLC (“Glass Lewis”). While it may seem like the… Read more »

L&A ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Compensation Landmines & Key Issues

Compensation Landmines & Key Issues By Kevin Kuschel, Brent Longnecker and Daniel Wilson “I would not give a fig for the simplicity this side of complexity, but I would give my life for the simplicity on the other side of complexity”. Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. Executive compensation practice and application is continually developing based on… Read more »

L&A ORIGINAL ARTICLE: L&A’s Response to HBR’s “Decoding CEO Pay”

By Chris Crawford & Daniel Wilson There was an article titled “Decoding CEO Pay” recently published in Harvard Business Review, and in our opinion here at Longnecker & Associates, Messrs. Pozen and Kothari have some valid points, and many that are not so valid. It appears they found a few unique, obscure examples and turned… Read more »

L&A ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Where Has All The Merit Gone?

Where Has All The Merit Gone? By: Tyler Brown, Chris Crawford and Brent Longnecker It’s that time of year again as we enter the final quarter of a compensation cycle and the beginning of a new football season, with renewed hopes that this is your team’s year. With this entry into salary planning time for… Read more »