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L&A ORIGINAL ARTICLE: L&A’s Response to HBR’s “Decoding CEO Pay”

By Chris Crawford & Daniel Wilson There was an article titled “Decoding CEO Pay” recently published in Harvard Business Review, and in our opinion here at Longnecker & Associates, Messrs. Pozen and Kothari have some valid points, and many that are not so valid. It appears they found a few unique, obscure examples and turned… Read more »

L&A ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Where Has All The Merit Gone?

Where Has All The Merit Gone? By: Tyler Brown, Chris Crawford and Brent Longnecker It’s that time of year again as we enter the final quarter of a compensation cycle and the beginning of a new football season, with renewed hopes that this is your team’s year. With this entry into salary planning time for… Read more »

L&A ORIGINAL ARTICLE: CEO Pay Ratio Caps Will Not Work

By Kyle Lamport and Chris Crawford Just last month, L&A’s “CEO Pay Ratio – Winter is Coming” article, authored by Ian Keas, Todd Henke and Chris Crawford, summed up the latest on the controversial pay ratio rule. This month, we dive into a related subject by taking a peek back in time to the mid-1970s…. Read more »

L&A ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Compensation Media Bias

By Brent Longnecker, Chris Crawford, and Josh Whittaker An article was recently published regarding the CEO of a not for profit, Health Care and Rehabilitation Services ( problem-with-ceo-compensation.html). Judith Hayward, the CEO, is reported to have received a $650,000 retirement package after 19 years of service. The author highlights the problematic excessive payment and the… Read more »

L&A ORIGINAL ARTICLE: CEO Pay Ratio – Winter is Coming

As explained in our original L&A article in this month’s L-Blast, the rule requiring companies to disclose their CEO Pay Ratio was thought to be delayed or repealed but priority has been given to more important issues facing our country, preventing further actions on the pay ratio rule. But fear not, we at L&A are here to… Read more »

L&A Original Article: Upcoming HR/Reward Legislations and How You Can Impact Congress

Here’s the original L-Blast article we shared in this month’s L-Blast about WorldatWork’s first Legislative Summit in Washington, D.C. in which we share some important facts on legislation, key pending legislative actions that may impact rewards professionals, and avenues for contacting congressional leaders to help impact future legislative actions.