Activism in Energy Sector Extends to Pay

L&A's own Brent Longnecker & Todd Henke were interviewed by Kristin Gibben, a columnist for Agenda Week, for her article entitled, "Activism in Energy Sector Extends to Pay."   With the energy sector booming, we are seeing more companies granting larger long-term incentives to help retain talent in a hyper-competitive market.  We are seeing more… Read more »

Minding the Gap: How Energy Company CEOs Should Approach the Talent Gap

The baby-boomers generation is reaching the beginning of the end of their careers.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the baby-boomer generation will move entirely into the 55 and older age group by 2020, increasing that age group’s share of the labor force from 19.5% in 2010 to 25.2% in 2020.  The working group… Read more »

Bills, Suits, and Compensation Disputes — The Need for Compensation Reviews in 2013

2013 is shaping up to be another year of corporate governance overhaul. As regulations, shareholder institutions, and the IRS continue to impose their influence on the executive compensation environment, more companies are finding themselves under the microscope. The efforts companies are making to stay abreast of the issues and limit the negative exposure of the… Read more »

Heinz Shareholders Reject Golden Parachute, But Sale Will Go On

  Say on Parachute Payments:  While well intentioned, it doesn’t seem like our lawmakers fully thought through the small portion of the Dodd-Frank Act that deals with the advisory vote for Say on Parachute Payments. Exhibit A: Heinz Shareholders recently rejected the proposed Parachute Payments to the executives once the company is sold to a… Read more »

Justifying Pay: It’s Not All Performance

In a postrecession era of heightened sensitivity to compensation, setting compensation is no longer a check-the-box-process but a dynamic process compelling human resources professionals to justify pay packages, specifically to senior management. So where is the line of reasonableness, and how does an HR professional find this boundary line? In short, it is the valuation… Read more »

Time to Update Compensation Committee Calendars and Charters

In a recent article by L&A we discuss the importance of Compensation Committee calendars and how it is time for more companies to be creating and maintaining these calendars.  With more regulations and increased number of action items for the Compensation Committee it is important to have a clear view of the decision making process… Read more »

Government Proposes $500,000 Compensation Deduction Limit Paid by Health Insurance Providers

If your company receives federal money, watch out!  CHiPs are essentially capped from deducting any compensation to any executive over $500,000.  It doesn't’t stop them from paying $500,000, but the cost of doing so just went up. Why $500,000? It’s close enough to what our President makes to call it a cut off. This rule… Read more »

Longnecker & Associates Launches 2013 Long-Term Incentive Survey

Longnecker & Associates is pleased to announce the launch of our 2013 Energy Industry Long-Term Incentive Survey. L&A understands utilizing long-term incentives to attract, retain and motivate talent in an extremely competitive energy labor market is imperative.  Our goal is to provide energy companies accurate and up-to-date information to assist in assessing, refining, and implementing… Read more »

The Cleanest Compensation Fuel: Restricted Stock, Executive Compensation Trends and Issues in 2013, & The Importance of Robust Proxy Disclosure | March 2013

Hello to All,    Executive compensation is in full swing right now as proxies are being drafted.  This month's L-Blast has three great pieces, two of which are by L&A: "The Cleanest Compensation Fuel" and our "Executive Compensation Trends and Issues in 2013" presentation, which are lockstep with what is happening right now.  Both of… Read more »

Say on Pay 2013 Begins With Three Failures

It is that time of year again for shareholder say on pay votes.  Already we are seeing companies struggling and three failures. Below we have our analysis of these failures. All proxy season we will be updating you with our analyses of the failures, and the lessons which should be learned from them. Nuance Communications… Read more »