Excessive College Coach Pay Debate

Two debates are currently underway: 1. Should college coaches be paid with lots of zeros and student athletes be paid zero? See the March 1 USA Today article attached. 2. The new 2017 Tax Act will provide a 21% excise tax on any not for profit (University) for paying over $1 million. In essence, should… Read more »

L-Blast | February 2018

Dear All, It has been a long, cold winter and we are ready for Spring and some much needed sunshine! Proxy season is in full swing and we at L&A have been busy helping our public clients with proxy and CD&A disclosures. Compensation decisions don’t end with the numbers and approvals – the communication to… Read more »

L&A ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Paying for Performance in Not for Profits

By Chris Crawford, Tyler Brown, and Josh Whittaker With the recent passage of the 2017 Tax Act, more scrutiny continues to be applied to not for profit (NFP) organization compensation. This follows recent actions from various state and federal agencies upping the ante on not for profit compensation. As such, we believe there will be… Read more »

Honeywell CEO Earns 333 Times More Than Average Worker at the Company

This article by Claudia Assis on Honeywell provides a perfect, real-time example for any of our energy clients worried about CEO Pay Ratio disclosure. With figures averaging in the 70s – 80s, the energy industry as a whole will pale in comparison to other sectors. Honeywell is 333:1.

2018 Proxy Push

Many of you are in the “proxy push” to get the proxy statement filed in the coming months. The amount of detail required, and requested, can make the exercise a challenge for all involved. The question is: Are you spending your time effectively on the right parts? A recent survey found the following sections of… Read more »

Will Salary Shaming Rein In CEO Pay? We’ll Find Out: QuickTake

We would like to share this article by the Washington Post with our readers, along with insight on the subject of salary shaming from one of L&A’s founders. Here are 4 “predictions” from our company’s President, Chris Crawford, related to CEO Pay and this article: CEO Pay is not going to go down because a ratio… Read more »

L-Blast | January 2018

Dear All, We are well into the start of the new year and although 2018 has greeted us with some extremely cold temperatures that paralyzed our city for a couple of days, we at L&A have hit the ground running and are gearing up for proxy season. In this first L-Blast of 2018 we have… Read more »

L&A ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Executive Compensation Perks

By Jordan Lee, Charles Holtsclaw, Chris Crawford, and Brent Longnecker The start of the new year has brought with it a strong demand for continued and enhanced transparent executive compensation disclosure. Many companies have been accused of paying out excessively large perquisites and benefits to their executives, causing many companies to cut back on executive… Read more »

If the CEO’s High Salary Isn’t Justified to Employees, Firm Performance May Suffer

We would like to share this article written by Dina Gerdeman featured on Harvard Business School’s website entitled, “If the CEO’s High Salary Isn’t Justified to Employees, Firm Performance May Suffer.” Researcher Ethan Rouen discovers that rank-and-file employees understand the boss deserves a big salary, but only when the number is fully explained. In addition to… Read more »

PRESS RELEASE: L&A Releases Results for Its Annual Energy Pay Pulse Survey

Longnecker & Associates Releases Results for Its Annual Energy Pay Pulse Survey Consulting Firm Closes Proprietary Energy Compensation Survey HOUSTON – January 17, 2018 – Longnecker & Associates, a strategic compensation and corporate governance consulting firm based in Houston, recently closed its annual energy pay pulse survey. The firm will release the survey’s results to participants… Read more »