From boards to executives to all employees, developing effective compensation plans for the talent of your organization can be overwhelming. Our compensation consulting firm is a nationally recognized leader in compensation advisory, planning, and design.

How Can Our Compensation Consultants Help Your Business?

Our team of award winning compensation consultants provide independent, third party compensation planning with incentive and goal-oriented rewards that motivate and drive business performance. Our advisors provide guidance on the current pay rates for various positions including various contract positions like sales professionals, federal workers, and conventional employees; but also corporate job categories like executives, board members, and management.

Business Consulting Services

When you’re looking for an objective voice to account for every aspect of a compensation plan, turn to the business consultants at Longnecker & Associates. As a strategic corporate governance and compensation consulting firm, we provide you with an independent assessment and a customized plan of action that meets your business’ unique needs. Whether you’re a public, private or not-for-profit entity, our highly experienced team of consultants work diligently to put your business on the right track because, at Longnecker, we’re all in for you.

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